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What is the Associated General Contractors (AGC), West Central Ohio Division?

The AGC in Dayton, Ohio is a 501(c) (6) non-profit trade association representing construction contractors and other companies representing the industry, primarily engaged in commercial, industrial, institutional and residential construction since 1951.

What does AGC do for the construction industry?

In order to maintain some brevity, AGC negotiates collective bargaining agreements with ten unions in West Central Ohio, appoints trustees to union fringe benefit funds and apprenticeship programs, provides wage and fringe benefit information, handles grievances and arbitrations, provides interpretation of contracts, conducts marketing, educational programs, scholarship programs, legal and legislative services, substance abuse testing, safety and health services and provides several networking social events.

Who is eligible to become a member of AGC?

Today, the association’s members are the most prestigious and well-respected union construction firms in the Greater Dayton area. There are four levels of membership available to general contractors and other construction related companies. Regular/Active membership is limited to general contractors who have been in the construction business for two or more years and have established a reputation of Skill, Responsibility, and Integrity. Associate membership is available to sub-contractors who have successfully engaged in construction for two or more years and have shown a commitment to Skill, Responsibility, and Integrity. A Visiting Member would meet all the requirements of a Regular/Active member, however, membership is available to general contractors who are working in the West Central Ohio area on a temporary basis. Finally, Affiliate membership is restricted to those individuals, firms, and corporation engaged in the manufacture and/or sale of materials and/or equipment and/or services used by general contractors. An Affiliate member may also be an individual, firm, or corporation who employ personnel directly connected with the construction industry, or those whose activities are related to the construction industry.
They must have been engaged in business for two or more years and have established a reputation of Skill, Responsibility, and Integrity.

What is the membership of AGC today?

Today, AGC has 23 union construction contractor full association members. In addition, the Association also provides information and services to more than 200 Contractors who are signatory to collective bargaining agreements.

Is membership available to owners and companies who use union contractors for their construction projects?

The AGC is inviting those companies, corporations, firms, partnerships and owners who utilize contractors for the construction, renovation, erection and/or demolition of their projects to be eligible for Membership.

Why should I, as an owner, join the AGC?

By joining AGC as an Affiliate Member, you become part of an association of likeminded individuals who are pulling together in the same direction to help strengthen the construction industry. Owners, contractors and union representatives need to work together to improve construction quality and productivity, prevent work stoppages, provide skilled workers through apprenticeship programs, and promote safety and health on the jobsite. In addition, Affiliate Members or their representatives shall be privileged to attend all meetings, seminars, educational programs or conventions of the Association, receive pertinent mailings, including newsletters and updates and shall be privileged to participate in all related activities of the Association.

How can I join the Associated General Contractors, West Central Ohio Division and what is the cost?

Membership is available by referral of an AGC member or by submitting an application to the Executive Director and approval of the AGC Board of Directors. The annual cost of AGC West Central Ohio membership is $500.

Who can I contact with additional questions about joining the AGC, West Central Ohio Division?

Please contact Randy Fox, Executive Director at (937) 228-7865.